Chairman’s Message

The world as it stands today, is experiencing a period characterized by a multitude of changes on all levels- economic, political and social- with far reaching implications and unforeseen ramifications. These current conditions have undoubtedly left, and will continue to leave, an indelible mark on the shape of the world, with a deep-rooted effect on the socio-economic status as well as the sphere of international relations.

The Arab world, in its capacity as a strategically and economically significant region, and its developing status is particularly affected by these changes. It faces a critical challenge to develop its organizations and abilities in production and administration in order to best serve its role as an equal player in the international arena, thus securing a safe and bright future for its peoples.

Among these changes and challenges, Saudi Human Resources Development Corporation (HRD) has focused its strategy, for the last quarter of the twentieth century, on supporting various private corporations, establishments and companies as well as governmental institutions, to cope with these changes and to realize continuous and sustainable development in their performance and efficiency.

With this clear vision for the future, coupled with continued improvement in the methods and systems of professional performance, our role has evolved into a fixed course of action. By developing the abilities of our consultants and experts, we thus foster a keen interest to provide the best solutions and services to our clients. The role that HRD has played is one that we hope to maintain, by imparting and communicating the sustainable transfer and application of the most modern management solutions available to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the dawn of the upcoming year, the HRD team remains committed to this role, in view of ever expanding technical capabilities and developments, to become a powerhouse of professional resources and expertise within the Kingdom, the Gulf region and the rest of the Arab world.

It is our belief that the Arab world now needs to move towards self sufficiency and one mean to achieve this is through a knowledge based society- the only long term solution available to our people and their future survival in a flat world. HRD is committed to play its part in achieving this goal.

Ziad T. Shaath