How can universities guarantee that their students find jobs upon graduating from university? They can’t.  But they can help their students build their skills to match the job market and hence employability.

Saudi HRD’s interest in capital development starts at an early age.  With our new tool, C2C we are able to offer students through their respective universities an assessment that they can work on during their 4 year education at universities.

This tool includes a database of over 30,000 questions related to three assessments: quantitative, verbal and analytical.  Each student is given a login and a password and over the next 4 years is able to access this assessment to improve their skills & knowledge in those three areas.  Each time the student logs on; the assessment will be different in terms of difficulty, questions and type of assessment.  Over four years, the student can monitor his/her progress and identify which area s/he needs to improve.